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What to do with elderly parents that need help?

What to do with elderly parents that need help?

How to help elderly parents that need help?

We’re getting older, so are our parents. At this age, they are getting weak and vulnerable. Although some of them might still be quite active in their old age, the ones in their late 70s and 80s do need long-term care as their health deteriorates. 

It could be a little overwhelming at times to manage this work-life balance. But to make sure things run smoothly, here’s what you can do with elderly parents who need help; 

1. Take Care Of Their ADLS

If you are a family caregiver, you must know about these terms and the skills required to master them. 

ADLs or Activities of Daily Living are basic routine tasks that a person has to do to become fully independent to live on his own. Health professionals measure the seniors’ ability to live independently based on their functions related to ADLs. 

To help your elderly parents, observe them. If they are not able to perform these basic tasks, hire an attendant, or be one yourself. Following functions fall under the category of ADLs;

  • Walking – or just regularly moving around the house 
  • Bathing – showering on their own safely
  • Toileting – being able to clean oneself properly 
  • Feeding – having meals by oneself without spilling
  • Dressing – properly being ready to wear complimenting clothes and shoes
  • Standing or sitting – getting up from the bed or a chair or sitting without any assistance. 

2. Help Them With IADLS

Elderly dad

IADLs are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are a little more complicated than ADLs. These are the tasks that you learn in your teenage. IADLs require critical thinking and organizational skills. 

To check if your elderly parents need help with their IADLs, keep an eye on the following tasks and observe if they’re doing them regularly or not; 

  • Finance management – paying bills and making a budget for everything
  • Home maintenance – small repairs around the house
  • Driving – managing to drive around on their own safely 
  • Cooking – preparing proper, fresh meals
  • Shopping – going for groceries and shopping 
  • Medical – mindful of taking medicines and going for regular checkups
  • Socializing – managing to go out on their own to meet friends and family

3. Plan A Safe And Healthy Living

elderly parents

It is essential to keep in mind where your parents are living. If they need help with their necessary daily life activities, make sure a sibling, or a relative, or a friend lives nearby. 

If they are open to moving around to some other location, assist them in finding a home and living arrangement that they like. 

4. Outsource Some Aging Care Help

Aging Care Help

Seniors usually don’t agree to move to some other home at this age due to emotional attachment with their locality. To combat this problem, you can always outsource aging care.  Each year, where some elderly Americans choose to move into nursing homes, some decide to stay in their own homes as well. For them, there are several options available, like; 

6. Make Sure Seniors Are Safe At Home

If your elderly parents are living on their own, there could be a lot of safety hazards around the house. Seniors are prone to tripping and hurting themselves. To make sure they are safe, take the following preventive measures;

  • Install safety bars in the bathroom, so they don’t slip as they come out of the shower or get up from the toilet seat. Same goes for the staircase
  • Try to clear up the paths of any wiring, chords, or clutter for safe walking
  • Make sure all electrical appliances are safe and in proper working condition
  • Add more lights to the house, so everything looks clear and bright. Keep the switches super accessible

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