Friday, January 15, 2021
Alert 1: The Medical Alert System That Will Save Your Life

Alert 1: The Medical Alert System That Will Save Your Life

What is Alert 1?

Alert 1 is a great medical alert system that assists senior citizens should they fall or require any sort of emergency. It enables seniors to live safely and independently in their homes. You only need the press of a help button to get connected to a US operator at the Emergency Response and receive the care you need.

Alert 1: Products and Prices

Alert 1 provides excellent service plans, along with transparent pricing and conditions. Its prices vary with the different medical system packages it offers. For its Home-based landline system, it costs $19.95 annually. For its Home Fall Detection system, the annual cost is $30.95 annually. For its On-The-Go system, you don’t need a cell phone or a landline. Its yearly price is $36.95. Its On-The-Go Fall Detection only requires the usage of Wi-Fi and costs $46.95 annually. Finally, its On-The-Go + Home Fall Detection costs $52.95 per month.

StopAgingThese prices of each system are reasonable, depending on the quality and efficiency of the system. The advanced technological equipment acts as a lifesaver and naturally does not come cheap, unlike the impaired medical alert systems offered by other fraudulent medical services.
The Help and Detection systems offered by Alert 1 represent the evolutionary transformation in the technological environment. Merged with medical services, it has become a source of support for many people, especially the disabled and elderly who live alone or require any form of assistance. Should they fall, all it will need for them is a click on the button. Depending on the type of system you decide to buy, you can also avail of wristbands or home fall detection pendant to allow medical or emergency services to locate you.

Both the On-The-Go Fall Detection and On-The-Go + Home Fall Detection have the advanced ability to detect a fall and automatically alert the medical services who will immediately come to your location.

iRemedyThe primary component offered by the Alert 1 Systems is the security aspect. It will provide all families with peace of mind with its assistance to their loved ones. Senior Citizens usually live alone and are not strong enough to reach for help should they suffer a fall. Seniors that have an alert one system in their household, they can either push the button or let the system detect their fall to aid them. Absence of such an operation can result in prolonged pain or, worse, death. Alert 1 acts as a death preventive life-save for these people.

This system is not limited to senior citizens. The disabled and citizens who are mute can also find solace in their protection. Such elders cannot be supervised 24/7, and thus when they fall, the fall detection system of Alert 1 will alert the emergency services to save them. These life-saving devices will soon expand everywhere and become a common addition in every household.

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