Friday, January 15, 2021
Health Care Transformation: Healthtech Riding the Growth Curve

Health Care Transformation: Healthtech Riding the Growth Curve

Health Care Transformation – With digital technologies impacting every industry, healthcare is no behind. In the past few years, the healthcare sector has revolutionized like never before! And the great news for medical practitioners, researchers, patients, and investors is that the health tech trend is ready to ride the growth curve. 

Natural healthBefore discussing the healthcare industry’s growth, let’s understand what does “health tech” means? It refers to any technology-enabled healthcare products and services that enhance the delivery and quality of healthcare services. Healthtech has seen swift growth in the healthcare sector.

Technology has transformed various sectors like banking, finance, real estate, education, and digitalization is no behind! From efficiency and accuracy to user-friendliness, health tech is already impacting how we prevent, diagnose, or treat an illness, but there is much more that should be achieved in the coming times.

Impact of Digitalization on Healthcare

Doctors and researchers can manage the issues and complexity in a much more simplified way with digitalization. Here are some of the samples of how health tech is empowering healthcare sector:

  • Mobile health applications and wearable technologies have the potential to remodel healthcare delivery. All thanks to their ubiquity and ease of use.
  • Telehealth is playing an essential role by connecting patients directly to doctors by providing an invaluable link to the healthcare system without undue burden. 
  • Automation helps to reduce the burden of clinical documentation 
  • New bioengineering techniques are supporting to “treat aging” and increasing our healthspan
  • Gadgets such as smartwatches that measure heartbeats, blood pressure, glucose levels empower patients to manage their health and improve their quality of life independently. 

With digitalization, we are ready to enter the long-promised golden age of personalized healthcare. Moreover, physicians and doctors are likely to get access to accurate, up-to-date information.

mobilehlpFundamental Areas of Growth in Healthtech

Health Care Transformation – New tools and technologies are already commencing to make waves across the healthcare system. They hold great promise of transforming health services delivery soon, thus improving efficiency and topping patient care. 

Smartphones are already leveraging as a practical health tool. Along with them, smart devices and digital healthcare solutions are expected to rise.

The reasons why health tech is becoming popular are its user-friendliness, accessibility cost-effectiveness, and customization. Coming to the four fundamental areas that we need to keep an eye on are:

  • Therapeutic health technology
  • Diagnostics
  • Care delivery at a distance 
  • Electronic healthcare records
  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Let’s see how these technological advances will help the Healthcare industry in the coming times. 

Artificial Intelligence Taking Great Strides in Healthcare

Being the most emerging trend in almost every industry, AI will play a vital role in the health care industry. From identifying patient needs, reducing costs, increasing efficiency in providing online consultation, AI is ready to take over the healthcare industry. 

Moreover, AI can help in reducing the time by looking into the vast numbers of medical images and can quickly identify patterns, including modifications that humans cannot. 

From doing billing and routine office work to more complex tasks such as surgical scheduling, AI-based technologies are here to reduce time-consuming activities for medical staff, possibly saving costs while elevating patient care in the process. 

Now is The Time for Investment!

Healthtech sector is all set to be part of health care services and, most probably, in exciting investment opportunities.

New prototypes and models may require new companies and solutions to address health aspects that go beyond traditional services and capabilities.

The value and money flow in health care are quite different from other industries. But the positive side is stakeholders are looking for new ways to transform the journey of health care, thus, offering excellent opportunities for investors.

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