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Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living?

Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living?

Medicare will not cover your assisted living. However, it can cover custodial care in nursing homes. In this brief article, find out if Medicare covers assisted living costs, custodial care in nursing homes, and other assisted living services, as well as other ways to help pay the costs. Medicare will not pay for assisted living facilities or nursing homes.


Meet the two different types of Medicare coverage:

Part A and Part B. Both cover nursing home costs, including maintenance, security, food, and daily living expenses. Part A is the more expensive of the two. It also provides coverage for extended care retirement communities and individual specified homes. Part A is paid monthly and is usually combined with large investments, it is less expensive.

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Medicare Part B doesn’t cover most assisted living costs. This includes medical and nursing home costs, home health care services, and some nursing homes’ custodial care services. Medicare insurance covers these costs, which are typically not covered by Part A. Plans like these are rarely used by seniors. However may be necessary if you need to be covered for certain health services.

What about Medicaid? 

Medicaid does offer coverage for medical care, which Medicare does not. Eligibility requirements for Medicare supplements vary by state, so it is best to do your research before applying. However, there are some similarities between Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid does pay a portion of many assisted living costs and may even cover assisted living costs in certain situations.

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What about the long-term care option? 

Long-term care insurance is a benefit that is available to all seniors. Like Medicaid, it is a federal program, though states can vary significantly. In terms of what benefits are offered. Many seniors choose to take advantage of this coverage to guarantee their dependents a quality, safe environment when they cannot care for themselves. Though Medicare does offer a long-term care insurance discount, it isn’t as low as you may think.

Medicare support is still lacking

Though Medicare does provide an income protection benefit, there are limits. Medicare does not automatically cover long-term care insurance premiums. You will need to purchase it on your own or have it refunded somehow, like through your Social Security benefits, Medicare does cover assisted living costs in a limited way. Long-term care insurance coverage may be better suited to your particular circumstances than the social security program.

Unlock your possibilities 

There are many options available to you and your family when it comes to medical coverage. Assisted living facilities are one such option. Medicare does cover some assisted living costs, but you will have to pay out-of-pocket fees. Another possibility is home health care provided by licensed health practitioners and is not part of Medicare.

Private companies, such as nursing homes, may also offer in-home services for Medicare, although these options might be more expensive Check Out America’s #1 Health Insurance. Over 10,000 plans from 180+ carriers.

Consult with an expert

Even if Medicare does cover some assisted living costs. You should speak with a qualified professional to get a clear understanding of what is covered. Medicare can be a terrifying concept for seniors who aren’t sure where to turn for help. Medicare is supposed to help our elderly become comfortable and stay healthy, many seniors fall through the cracks and find themselves struggling to pay their medical bills and meet other needs. It’s essential to have reliable information about Medicare so that you know whether or not your current situation qualifies under the guidelines of Medicare.

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