Friday, January 15, 2021

About Us

About Silvers Fan

We are a grass-roots blog that loves to receive communications from our subscribers.

Today, Silvers Fan is a lifeline, for over 1,000,000 subscribers.
Silver fans are an excellent resource for people of retirement age. Our passion is to share tons of practical information that is aimed to inspire and inform.

What We Do

Retirement Planning Management

Is Your Retirement on the Horizon and Your Worried About What Comes Next? Or Are You In The Process of Planning Your Retirement and Need a little Help Planning Your Future Paradise?

Then You Have Come to the Right Place!

Online Retainment Opportunities

Feel Like Retirement Has Put You on the Back Burner? Retirement is Not the End, and it’s a New Beginning! We are Sent New Opportunities Daily from Businesses and Organizations Who Are Looking for Retirees to Get Involved in New Online Projects! 


Looking to Take Back Control of your Health? Aging Comes With its Surprises for Sure, But Nothing Should Stop You from Living Your Best Life!

How It All Began…

Like most Americans, I worked hard my entire life.
I was a full-time working Mom and alongside my husband, managed to buy a house, raise our kids, and even put pennies aside so our kids could go to college.
Doing all this isn’t easy. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for a working Mom! Raising kids is not for the fainthearted, and funding college tuition is no joke! But I am proud to say I managed it.
I was still able to maintain a stable yet humble retirement savings plan, so my husband and I could spend our golden years enjoying the fruits of our labor.

About Silvers Fan

Finally, I Turned 50!

We sold our business and moved from Florida to New Jersey to enjoy the white sandy beaches and wake up to the beautiful Atlantic shoreline. This was the happy ending we had been working towards for decades, and our dream had finally materialized.
Little did we know that that was not to be the last challenge for us. The financial crash of 2008 came unexpectedly and without warning.


We saw 45% of our lives, saving wiped away overnight—almost all of our retirement reserves were gone in an instant. No matter how much life experience you have, nothing can prepare you for that blow.
We could feel the despair creeping in, and we let it for a few days.

But we were made of sterner stuff. We weren’t going to resign ourselves to a life of poverty and lose our dream because of our age. We had the experience, and we had the expertise, so we decided to turn adversity into an advantage. And that’s how Silvers Fan was Born.

The real story of Silver Fans began with research. I was researching everything about our situation to find solutions to our problems. From the blogging basics to money management, slowly, I began to gather a whole library of resources that helped us find our way out of a crisis.
But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to share what I had learned with the world. I wanted to do my part reach out and help others who had experienced what we had experienced, and those who may be suffering as we had suffered.
So, armed with some basic computer and writing experience, I set about sharing my new skills and taking advantage of every online course and resource, I could get my hands on. I wanted to start a blog for seniors so I could spread the message and valuable information about the obstacles faced in retirement – and how retirement is not the end; it is a beginning!
From the basics of marketing and introductions to blog writing – you name it, and I did it! And piece by piece, Silver fans began to take shape.

Today, Silvers Fans is a lifeline. Not just for me but others too.
Silver fans are an excellent resource for people of retirement age. Our passion is to share tons of practical information that is aimed to inspire and inform.

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